Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New SOLO-ART show

Some old some new. A smorgasbord of Visual Treats! HANGAR18


Kikuchiyo 'Ronin' Sima Musashi said...

You know why nobody else's painting and drawing looks like yours dude? You black lines. Never has messy been communicated with such cleanliness to the lines. Pure genius. A constant inspiration.

Gnomadik said...

I think it is probably stupid stuff like this that has the graffiti artists dissing your work dude.

Gnomadik said...

There's a good possibility that you negotiated a spot or a few that were long time graffiti spots and the artists, not gangsters that you continue to talk bad about will continue to hate your pompous ass anyhow regardless of what you do at this point because after you went over their stuff, you kept on running your fat mouth about how much more of an artist you are than any "graffiti" guy. You clearly think you're cooler than anybody who does graffiti, but you ain't.