Monday, September 14, 2009

Amphibious Mutant

I'm making some of these available to the public at large again.( What Public!?)
Silkscreened cover, Then all the 60 panels inside are hand cut, corners and all!!?
So damm time consuming, I gave 'em up for dead a decade ago!!
I stashed the whole lot of metal cases in the basement to age like a fine wine...and recently uncovered them...( why oh whyyyy!!)
The shuffle book cards are freshly printed however.


WEISSMAN said...

I remember !! this most ambitious format choice of the 1990s !!! Were they ahead of their time? Are they still?? and how much do they cost!?

Mats!? said...

Time Capsules!
I'm still putting them together...
I'll send one down, when ready!

tmh said...
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Scott Cameron Reed said...

I'm lovin' the cornercut on those!

James Henry Dufresne said...

I need these.