Friday, October 26, 2007

Stinckers - "They stickANDthey stink"

Here's some new "Stinckers'-sticker designs... 4 of 9 total on the sheet.I think It's the first time I'm doing away with a black outline (!?)Using more of a beatnik color plate approach. Appropriate since it's designed for print.
Heck it's more forgiving as far as the registration is concerned.
Great for sloppy screenprinters!


Steve Lafler said...

Sloppy screen printer my ass--I should be such a sloppy screen printer!

WEISSMAN said...

FUKKEN-A!? These are gonna be great, Mats!

rama hughes said...

i love the hair monsters and the girl with the heart shaped head.

(it was nice to meet you yesterday)